Lately, I've been focusing on the back-end and various system utilities and scripts, some of which may be seen on my GitHub page.

I also contribute to various FOSS projects on an irregular basis. Most significantly to MediaWiki. Some of my other contributions can be seen, again, on my GitHub page.

Python implementations for CryptoVerif

During my internship at Red Hat Czech, I modified the CryptoVerif cryptographic protocol verifier to allow for the automated generation of Python implementation files from verified CryptoVerif scripts. The modified tool, written in OCaml, as well as the supporting library and examples are available on my GitHub.


simurgh is an incomplete implementation of a dependently typed λ calculus written in Haskell that might one day become a simple theorem prover.


smallnum is an incomplete library for arbitrary-precision integer arithmetic (akin to GMP or BigNum) written in C. My aim is to implement a significant portion of the algorithms featured in Henri Cohen's A Course in Computational Algebraic Number Theory while learning to use C to efficiently program low-level code along the way.


sms is a tiny watchdog script for web pages written in Python.