Hello, my name is Matěj Grabovský and I am a self-proclaimed web designer and general-purpose coder living in a small town in Czechia. I am friendly, enthusiastic and able to grasp new concepts quickly. My working style and ethos are influenced by minimalism and focus on function, semantics and aesthetics.

I have six years of experience in website development, both on the front and back end. I am comfortable with modern technologies, such as HTML5, CSS3, and many of the contemporary JavaScript libraries (primarily jQuery and d3) as much as with vanilla JavaScript. Furthermore, I like to sport these technologies whenever it is possible.

On the server side, I am used to running Apache HTTPD or nginx on Unix-based systems. I oft use PHP, although I do not fear saner languages, such as Python, Ruby or JavaScript. For data storage, I employ relational databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite) and “NoSQL” databases (specifically MongoDB; alternatively Redis and memcached for fast and key–value storage).

I have very good knowledge of PHP and JavaScript, decent understanding of C and Python, and mild knowledge of C++. I focus mainly on web and command line interfaces. However, I have experience creating GUI applications with the Qt and wxPython frameworks.

I am familiar with code review process and version control systems, namely, Subversion and Git.