Hello, my name is Matěj Grabovský and I am a self-proclaimed web developer and all-around coder living in a small town in Czechia. I am a friendly guy with generally positive attitude towards anything related to computer science, programming and computers. My areas of interest besides web stuff include the theory of programming languages, formal methods, and foundations of mathematics. I like clean, minimalistic code and languages that allow writing it.

I have six years of experience in website development, both on the front and back end. I am comfortable with modern technologies, such as HTML5, CSS3, and many of the contemporary JavaScript libraries (primarily jQuery and d3) as much as with vanilla JavaScript.

On the server side, I am used to running Apache HTTPD or nginx on Unix-based systems. I oft use PHP, although I do not fear saner languages, such as Python, Ruby or JavaScript. Regarding data storage, I am familiar with relational databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite) as well as “NoSQL” (specifically MongoDB; alternatively Redis and memcached for fast key–value storage).

I have a very good knowledge of PHP and JavaScript, decent understanding of C and Python, and a mild knowledge of C++. I focus mainly on web and command line interfaces. However, I have experience creating GUI applications with the Qt and wxPython frameworks.